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3 Reasons Your Coworking Space’s Mobile App Will Fail

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We’ve been observing in this industry in last 2-3 years, majority of coworking spaces are building their own mobile apps to offer convenience to the their members on tap.

A great strategy, however this becomes a major failure for many coworking spaces.

Let’s look at some reasons why all good coworking spaces are doing this. Having your own app does the following –

We’ll cover in this article –

  1. Why coworking spaces are using mobile apps?
  2. What outcome owners expect from mobile app
  3. Why they fail and you can too
  4. What’s the best solution? Do this instead

Why Mobile Apps are needed?

  1. It saves time for members
    A mobile app allows coworkers to make repeat bookings easily, they don’t have to go to any website or call you. It’s much simpler for members to open an app than call someone.

  2. Automate the whole booking process
    Members can just go in the app and make a booking with their credits, fast and simple. You can check availability of spaces, accept/reject booking requests anytime anywhere.

  3. Gives you control your over community and usage behaviors
    An app also allows you to keep track of all members, give credits, send notifications to all members and easily manage your space wherever you are. It also saves on human resources needed to manage your space.

  4. You hope it increases loyalty of the members.
    Everyone in this industry knows most of the revenue comes from repeat business. If you can do soemthing to keep more people buying for you, you do it. Space owners hope having an easy to use app will increase loyalty of the customers.

  5. The biggest reason
    You’re not giving an app to your customers, you’re giving them convenience.

Now what do you expect will happen after your app is in place?

What outcome space owners expect

What space owners expect when they make their own app is simple – more convenience and more revenue.

They realise all the points mentioned previously but the main motive is –

Can this make my life easier and make me more money?

Yes, it totally can. Sounds great doesn’t it? Less time wasted and more profit.

Because this outcome usually doesn’t happen when you make your own app.

Most coworking spaces have a sad story with their app and we know why.

We know because we’ve worked with over 3000 [edit number if needed] of them.

If you’re thinking of making an app for your space..

This is where they fail – and so can you

Learn from the mistakes of other spaces.

This is why you shouldn’t make your own app and save yourself from months and even years of wasted money and effort:

  1. You don’t know much about app development so people exploit that

    Technology is not everyones cup of coffee.

    As a coworking space, you know how to do your dhanda (business), that is managing your bookings and your staff.
    You don’t know much about technology, and people can exploit you for that.

  2. The costs involved are huge – both time and money wise

    Making an app is not that easy.

    The costs involved are huge because you’ll have to pay for not just one app but – an android app AND an iOS app AND the web version too!

    Developers will charge you for all that and then take maintenance fee too.

    Even if you hire just one full time capable developer instead of some agency, that person will cost you 2L/mo if they are good.

  3. If your app is bad.. you just wasted all that effort for nothing!

    What if you make a good app but it’s too slow?

    All that time is gone and you will still have to spend more money to make a better app.
    What if doesn’t make you more money, what do you do now?

So how do you get your outcome without losing any money or time?

It’s simple.

You can do this instead.

You can use a free ready-made app which does all these things for you.

This will save you months of time and effort and you can know whether it’s working or not.

No time wasted, no money spent in app development.

You can try FlexiSpaces Partners App, just fill in details about your workspaces and voila! – Your empire is on your phone. Today.

Now you can manage bookings, members, assign them credits, give them notifications and updates all with 0 cost to you!

Why this app?

  • Put your meeting rooms on auto-pilot mode.
  • No booking confusions
  • No Support Staff needed
  • Manage Members and Companies
  • Manage Booking Calendar of each Meeting Room
  • Everything is working automatically (and on manual request too)
  • Offer great convenience to your coworking members.

You can learn about the app here or download it here.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/flexispaces-partners/id1493178016#?platform=iphone

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flexispaces.fs_host&hl=en


  • Coworking spaces are investing into building mobile apps, which is good and useful for both the spaces and customer.
  • However, they aren’t success due to the costs involved and not knowing how to do things correctly.
  • One solution is to use an app that you can try risk free, FlexiSpaces Partners App does just that.
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