How Customer Can use FlexiSpaces.

At flexiSpaces we keep working to increase the productivity of our customers and enhance their experience while using the platform. From the last couple of months, we are working with lots of coworking offices and observing how members or teams use the workspaces. We have seen how much energy and time it took to book a meeting room or conference…

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Get started with FS Manager App

Space manager to the customer: “Madam, please let us know in-advance whenever you need the meeting room. We will book it for you.” Next day, Customer: “Hey Manager, I need the meeting room tomorrow 11am to 2pm. “ Space Manager: “Sure Madam, we will take care.” Next week, some other day. Customer while trying to contact the manager. “phone ringing”….

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Your Meeting Rooms Pricing Structure is Killing Your Business – And How to Fix it!

image of indian business person thinking

Our team works with coworking spaces and business centres across the country. Space provider list on our platform for more business but they don’t get the desired results as their pricing structure remains way too far from reality. In this post we will discuss: What really matters when deciding pricing How to set pricing? Some discount tricks Conclusion What matters…

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