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How Customer Can use FlexiSpaces.

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At flexiSpaces we keep working to increase the productivity of our customers and enhance their experience while using the platform.

From the last couple of months, we are working with lots of coworking offices and observing how members or teams use the workspaces. We have seen how much energy and time it took to book a meeting room or conference room. You have to go to reception and tell the concerned person about your need and then he will check his excel sheet and tell you if space is available or not, By chance the concerned person is not there and you convey the message to another person then there will be miscommunication regarding your booking.

we addressed this problem and tried to solve it through our mobile apps. So let’s see how this app can improve your experience in your coworking office in free.

Step 1 : Login or Signup

Your first step will be login/signup in the app. We take your contact information in the signup process just to send you the communicational message of your bookings.


Step 2 : Adding your workspace.

For us Workspace = Coworking office. So in this step, you have to search your workspace and request for access, after that, you have to add your company and team information(you can skip this step if you are an individual). We have partnered with more than 500+ workspaces so definitely you will find your workspace easily on the list.


After your request for workspace sent to host(space owner or manager) for approval. Host will take action and assign you credits to book meeting rooms.

Step 3 : Access Granted and Booking First Meeting Room.

Now its time for the main step for which we were waiting. You have access to your workspace and also credits to book meeting room. In the app HOME PAGE you can see all the meeting rooms available in the workspace and in the right top corner you can see your credits. So now you just have to book any meeting room lets see step by step how can you book a meeting room in just few clicks.

1 – Select any meeting room you want to book.

2 – Select the date, time and for how long you want to book the meeting room.

3 – Now you will see how many credits you have and how many this booking will take.

4 – Final Step just click on the book now button and you are all done.

Other Features

  • You can add more than 1 workspaces in your account if you have multiple memberships in various workspaces.
  • You can see all the previous bookings and its details.
  • Credit history, You can see your credit usage history.


Right now with the FlexiSpaces app you can book only book meeting rooms within your workspaces but in some time you will be able to meeting room, conference room, training room, classrooms anywhere in India in just few click through FlexiSpaces Mobile App. We always try to deliver value to our users throught FlexSpaces and want to break typical thinking of working that you have to work from the same space everyday. If you use FlexiSpaces then you have your very own office in just few clicks.

Thank you for you time.

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