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Space manager to the customer: “Madam, please let us know in-advance whenever you need the meeting room. We will book it for you.”

Next day,

Customer: “Hey Manager, I need the meeting room tomorrow 11am to 2pm. “

Space Manager: “Sure Madam, we will take care.”

Next week, some other day.

Customer while trying to contact the manager.

“phone ringing”. No response!.

Meeting booking missed, customer is unhappy.

… …

Human’s can’t be robots, Space manager’s are humans. They can miss receptionist jobs sometimes.

Well, why can’t you make it automated?

FlexiSpaces App makes is really smooth and convenient.

Your customer can book any of your available meeting rooms anytime and it automatically manages the availability calendar of each meeting room. Plus, plenty of supported features.

FlexiSpaces has two apps, FlexiSpaces & FS Manager.

Since, you are the space manager.

Let’s get started with FS Manager App:

First step: Signup

Download the app from iOS or Android App store and signup with basic details like Name, Email, Phone, etc.

2nd Step: Add your Workspace

Your Account is created now, Its time to add your coworking with us don’t worry it will not take much time. In the first screen add your coworking’s basic details, On the second screen now you have to add pictures according to the categories because everyone loves to see great images. Third and final screen click on the facilities you provide to your customers.

Congrats your coworking is successfully listed with us!

3rd Step: Add your Resource

(Let me clarify Resources, Every meeting room, conference room or any type of resource which you can rent on demand is a resource.)

After adding signup and adding your coworking space, You land on the Dashboard of FS Manager App. Now you just have to add all the resources (Meeting rooms, Conference Rooms) so that your customer can book. Click on the All Workspaces tab, You will see your added coworking and below that a big ADD RESOURCE button. Click on that and add your resource’s details

(this is just a small e.g)

Resource Title : Pluto Meeting Room

Capacity : 10

Booking Mode : Instant

Credit Amount : 6 Credit Hourly

Categories : Meeting Room

Images : 2 or 3 images of that meeting room.

Your first resource is added successfully. Now you can add all your coworking’s resources.

Next Step

  • You have added your inventory, now its time to tell your members to download FlexiSpaces Member app so that they can book your resources and you can manage bookings, credits everything from FS Manager App.

You can check more articles if you are stuck somewhere.

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Thank you so much for your time.

We love feedback, please reach out to us at hi@flexispaces.com.

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